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Tools That Will Make Your Social Media Efforts Successful

Tools That Will Make Your Social Media Efforts Successful

The growing popularity of social media has presented marketers with a plethora of opportunities to increase brand awareness and brand reputation. These platforms bridge the gap between the business and the consumers. Talented marketers can use the various social media platforms to reach out to their customers and influence them. And it is possible to grow a business through efficient social media marketing. However, very few marketers can actually reach their goals through this marketing channel. The reason many of them fail is because they don’t know which tools to use to strengthen their SMM strategies. Let’s take a look at few of these tools that every marketer should use for social media marketing.


One of the most widely used tools for social media marketing is Buffer. Despite being such a popular tool, it is often ignored by amateur marketers. If you fail to keep track of the social media posts you have to make every day, this tool will make your job a cakewalk. You can access all your social media accounts from Buffer, and can schedule posts for each of the platforms. This tool eliminates the need to log on to different social media accounts separately to make posts. You can connect to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest and so on from one platform.


IFTTT is a rigorous tool that can be used by all marketers. And the best part is that you can use all of its features for free! Although this tool has grabbed attention, it is yet to be used to its full potential. Most SEOs and social media marketers avoid this tool because there is a bit of a learning process involved. IFTTT is an abbreviation for IF This…Then That. It is up to you to decide the “this” and “that”. For example, you may say IF a new post is made to a certain social media platform, THEN send an email. The series of events are called “recipes”. You can create as many recipes as you like.

Kingsumo Headlines:

This is one of the most popular WordPress plugins that you can use to split test headlines against each other. After you install this plugin, you will see multiple spaces for titles on the posts that you will create. These titles will be presented to the audience whenever possible. Each title will show a how many impressions they have received. This will let you know which headlines are the most compelling to the visitors. The only drawback to this tool is that it only works on websites that receive high traffic.


Social media is becoming more and more visual, and this trend is here to stay. Posts that include pictures get the most “likes”, “shares” and engagement on all the platforms. If you have a high following on social media, it would be best to hire a designer who will create interesting image content. However, if you are low on funds and cannot hire a professional designer, you can create images on your own using Canva. You don’t need to be a professional designer to create these images. All you need to do is create your account and choose from the range of templates.

Nothing beats these innovative tools for social media marketing. Try them today!

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