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Leave Your Customers With A Great Shopping Experience

Leave Your Customers With A Great Shopping Experience

You have designed the perfect e-commerce store, your virtual showroom is a masterpiece and your product is top-notch. All that remains is to give your customers a way, and a place, to order and pay for their purchases. All shopping cart software is not created equal, though, so how do you find a really good one that will be an asset to your company? Well, there are several things any check-out software should include. 

Great Images Customers can’t pick up an item to judge how sturdy it is, nor whether it will fit in that “perfect” counter space. A quality image is the next best thing. It should allow your customers to inspect your product from different angles, to zoom in on special features and to read succinct product descriptions. Grainy or one-dimensional images won’t attract customers no matter how good the actual product is.

Product Reviews A study done in 2009 shows that around 70 percent of customers trust a review posted on your site by a third party who is familiar with the product. Even a review that has some negative information gives credibility to your site and leads the customer to spend more time studying the product.

Great Navigation A customer who is checking out and has some last-minute questions about an item may leave your site and buy somewhere else if he or she can’t access that information quickly from your shopping cart page. Selecting and editing things like quantity, color and size shouldn’t be something that leaves customers searching and moving from page to page. Easy navigation and drop-down menus make it easy to access that last-minute information, making it more probable they will continue to “pay.”

Simple Shopping Carts Customers in real stores often “surf” the aisles to find the shortest check-out line. Your virtual customers are no different. They want to make the purchase and get on with other business. That is why the best shopping cart is only one page. With all the information that must be collected by your company, that means careful management of space. Those drop-down menus that let your customers select the state where they reside instead of typing it in, choose delivery options and enter other data are a boon. It is also important to limit the number of fields they must navigate.

Coupons and Promotions While you may not be offering any online deals, there are deal-making companies like Groupon and Google Deals, among others, that offer coupons or promotions daily or even hourly. Customers are savvy shoppers and these are popular sites. That means a successful check out must have a way to process the coupons and interpret the codes.

Analytics One thing that is really helpful to business people is the ability to access customer data and to analyze it to see what is working and what is not. Shopping cart data is no different. Your choice of online shopping cart software should include a storage option for retaining transaction details and for reporting the data to you in a regular manner.

Your website is the face you turn to the world of e-commerce. It is what draws customers to your store

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