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Why WordPress Is The Most Popular Platform For Web Sites

Why WordPress Is The Most Popular Platform For Web Sites

Web design has evolved over the years with different kinds of innovations to support website and web application development. Virtually all businesses in the 21st century has one form of online presence or the other. Having a website gives you the opportunity to showcase your products and services to the world – assuming you are using it for business. Most people have personal websites that holds information about who they are and what they do. To put it in simple terms, you need a website if you want to be visible to people from around the world.

Web design used to be a very technical endeavor, since people without any skill of HTML or CSS programing could not design websites in the past. To design a functional and attractive website, you need to learn how to effectively use at least two programing languages. You need to learn a programming language that will let you manipulate the backend of your application and another language that will let you design the front end of your web application. The database that will hold all the information you display on your website or information provided by your visitors also needs to be designed.

Using WordPress, which is a Content Management System, virtually anyone with basic computer skills can effectively manage their website content and make it look professional and attractive (although experts will obviously do a much better job). Content Management Systems takes the stress out of website development and management. Using WordPress, a newbie can create amazing webpages with very little to no computer programming skills. This is even more so because WordPress has a very user-friendly interface that can be used by anyone. This makes website development even faster since you can setup a fully functional website in few minutes, depending on the design you wish to use.

With the kind of flexibility offered by WordPress, which is a very popular Content Management System, you can easily write down the content of your website – business or personal website, and upload with no stress. It is even easier to put the content of your website in many different categories, depending on what you want. WordPress is very popular amongst web developers and administrators because it saves them the time that would have been used in going through endless lines of code to fix any issue with a website. This also saves you money because you often don’t have to hire someone to fix simple problems that might come up.

Apart from the ease of use and the savings in time and money, there are several reasons why WordPress is the most popular platform for web sites today. The use of plug-ins contributes in making WordPress the most popular platform for web sites. Plug-ins adds different kinds of functionalities such as social media integration and much more. Using WordPress themes also adds to its popularity, because you can get many different elegant themes that gives your website a professional look. Another reason is that WordPress is very SEO friendly, which makes it ideal for anyone who wants their website to rank at the top of search engine results.

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