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SEO in 2013 – What Knowledge Professionals

SEO in 2013 – What Knowledge Professionals

2013-seoSEO strategies are evolving all the time. The days are gone forever Public data on your keywords and link building mass. Despite the many difficulties encountered along the way, but we were able to gain a few tricks up his sleeve. One of them is the justification for the existence of the person responsible for positioning.

Advertising expenditure on SEO campaigns are growing and the largest share of all marketing strategies. Good services firm positioning are worth the money as they can to ensure a high return on investment. Top pozycjonerzy never stop learning. Here are a few trends in SEO that you need to pay attention to this year.

Content is king (more than ever).

Google has always gave us to understand that the most important content is the most important component of the success of a website. Somewhere deep down, we begin to feel that but they said seriously.

Content Writing Shop experts know that content is important to have good content but it could not compete with the correct structure of keywords and a large number of inbound links leading to the page. The most important benefit of their content is, an increase in the popularity of social media, attracting links and provide more traffic on the site.

Currently, content is growing in strength, and Google has shown the world that in fact there is something in it. The “new” start search more favored brand (corporate and personal).
Perhaps the good content was the most important all the time. Perhaps Google just finds the correct algorithm allowing to identify weak content and send them to the bottom of the search results. Or maybe Google too long clung to the idea that the links are absolutely the most important factor in SEO.

Identifying users a good, valuable contents was their goal from the outset. Perhaps only now found better ways to identify valuable content (to a large extent based on signals from social media). The whole truth on this process probably will be forever hidden from our eyes.

Certainly, we can not conclude that poor articles of the past (at least if you want to build a site that generates a large amount of organic traffic).

Backlinks begin to lose their value to the quality of the measurement methods.

Backlinks are still the most important factor in the ranking of the website. Sponsored start but slowly cede the field to the other (more modern) indicators related to the popular social parties.
In a nutshell, SEO, every day it becomes more “natural” and similar to the old good PR. In fact, it should be. It turned out that a large proportion of links leading to pages that had been “fabricated” by the sensors. Why Google would rely on them when assessing the quality?

Content is not just blogging.

Every SEO content writing services¬†provider¬†who is on the articles to generate traffic certainly heard from some company – “already blogging”.

On the one hand, the content is writing. On the other, it is also a video, podcasting, design (infographics, presentations, etc.) and include listings on social media. There are a dozen ways to create valuable content (and blogging is just one of them). Depending on your business, blogging is not necessarily the best strategy.

In the simplest terms, content marketing can be described as a way to express their thoughts and ideas and sharing of other people. Writing is just one of the forms that you can use.

Integrated marketing strategy begins to play an increasingly important role.

In the past few years, the community engaged in Internet marketing was divided into many small segments. With the division began to increasingly rely on the people who specialize in one subject – SEO, Adwords, Social Media, etc.

In the future, success will belong to people with a wide range of interests. SEO is changing from a closed topic related primarily to building links, keyword analysis and optimization of pages into something more all-encompassing. Are now beginning to focus on everything – from social media to manufacturing contentu.

People involved in SEO are not necessarily specialize in all areas at once. They should bear in mind that SEO is more than just linking and optimization of the key words.

Responsible positioner must understand that SEO is a mix of analysis, optimization, getting links, contentu production, social media and data mining. SEO can no longer be separated from other areas of marketing. To win in the future, you should understand the importance of integrated marketing strategies and how they can be used to better serve customers.

Now is the best time to become a great creator of content (or hire him).

Anyone who calls himself an expert in SEO knows that 2013 years is one of the best copywriters. The advent of this trend could be observed for some time. Finally came the period in which the best copywriters (or those who are able to recruit and retain them) will jump on the competition, which uses automated linking, weak contentu and shady links. In short, this is the year that playing by the rules “white hat” remains the only game in SEO.

For the first time in the history of the search engines see and writers of high authority in excess of most other search results. Success Comes in particular depend on the authority that we have gained among online communities.

It really is time to examine the environment and learn everything possible about creating good content. The best will be rewarded with plenty of links of interest on the part of users of social media and higher rankings on Google.

A shortcut no longer exists.

Automation, link farms, articles synonymous and meeting ruled the world of SEO. Those days are long over. Currently, search engine optimization is an art form that requires continuous control over many elements of marketing.

Customers ask, “Are you 100% confirm that none of your actions will not contribute to punish our website through Google?”

Of course, you can not guarantee it. However, you can only focus on techniques of “white hat” and increase the results page. Many lost their former parties positioned for updates Google rankings. Those who from the beginning to work “naturally”, remained high on SERP’ach.

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