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Robust Design And Development Using Magento

Robust Design And Development Using Magento

All the user access similar content irrespective of the device (laptop, tablet, mobile, desktop) they are operating. This has stimulated the need of responsive web design. Magento Enterprise Software is the ultimate platform to create dynamic and robust websites. It provides excellent features for designing responsive ecommerce solutions for all kinds of business ventures who are planning to go online.

The extensive features and functionalities have enhanced the scalability and flexibility of the web commerce platforms. The Magento Enterprise Design helps create SEO friendly fully functional websites with enhanced user experience.

Here’s an overviews of the distinctive features of the Magento Enterprise Edition:

Advanced Merchandising Tools: New versatile merchandising tools have been incorporated in Magento Enterprise. These tools are aimed to increase the productivity of a business by optimising the conversions. The mobile apps prove helpful to widen the expanse of sales and products to mobiles end-users.

Fast and Secure: The Magento Enterprise design is the fastest and secure platform for developing e-commerce platforms. This provides a better shopping experience with quick response times, loading speed and optimised searches.

Increase Sales and Revenues: The Enterprise Edition works better to increase the conversion, drive in organic traffic and boost the sales of a website.

Customised Design: With the Magento Enterprise software, you can personalise the websites according to your need. The look and feel of the website can be altered as per the requirement of the business. The plugins can be installed to give sound functionality and a better surfing experience for the customers. Good looking webpages with effective content would cause the visitor to stay on your website for long and thereby improve the conversions. You can cater to a large customer base and create a bigger brand name. The mobile friendly websites simplified the shopping process — anytime anywhere. Responsive templates have enhanced the performance of the websites.

Help and Support: You can seek help to effectively utilise all the functionalities of Magento. Training and consultation are offered to implement and integrate the functions of enterprise edition.

Google Analytics: This powerful tool is incorporated with the Enterprise edition. This helps you keep a bird eye view at the performance of your e-commerce solution. You can regulate the performance of your website and find bounce rate, conversion rate, checkouts and other important statistical data.

SOLR Technology: The advanced SOLR technology aims at providing relevant data according to the query of user. Layered navigation allows the visitors can easily locate the products on website. All the products are configured according to particular ids.

Manage Product Catalogues: The Magento Enterprise helps you configure dynamic product catalogues efficiently. The Magento Reward point system helps you manage the rewards and redemption points of loyal customers. You can also manage other incentives such as referring friend, discounts and history of the customer.

The Magento Enterprise Design is the ultimate platform to create flexible and responsive web designs. You will get a good SEO ranking, better sales and huge productivity and a successful online business.

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