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Is Your Content Relatable? If Not, Here’s What You Should Do

Is Your Content Relatable? If Not, Here’s What You Should Do

With so many contents online, it can be difficult to get your own posts noticed. The hype in digital marketing makes it even more tricky; more and more people are becoming creative in getting their posts noticed.

One of the most powerful ways to engage your audience with your content and increase website sales is to make something relatable.

Is your content simple?

You should remember that people rarely read everything in a post or content. Most of the time people only skim through the materials on the internet. If your content is too complicated, your readers will surely won’t be able to understand or relate to it.

When your site targets a specific audience, professional dentists for instance, then you can use industry jargon. However, if it does not, then cater expert and amateurs readers, and write text in layman’s terms. If mentioning industry jargon is necessary, add an explanation to it.

Below are some tips that can help you keep your content simple:

  • Explain industry jargons in footnotes or parentheses.
  • Use bullet points or lists and avoid wall-of-text or long paragraphs.
  • Make use of spaces to break up large chunks of information in your content.
  • Link out important terms to a dictionary or an expert post to give your readers more information about the terms you’ve used.

Does your content come with visuals?

Aside from keeping your content simple, making it visually engaging is one way to make your content relatable. People nowadays are particular with time, so they want content that swiftly gives them the answers or information they are looking for. Try these tips:

  • Make use of graphs and images to provide explanation about your data.
  • Show screenshots of the tabs and tools you used.
  • Use videos to get the audience’s attention. Videos are also good for storytelling.
  • Add colors and/or drawings to make your content interesting.

Who are you targeting?

Knowing exactly who your readers are will help you craft a distinct text that they can easily relate to. For example, if you’re making an article about web development to a tech-savvy audience, you have to choose highly specialized topics about the things associated with their personal experience. Fill the content with important details.

If your target audience is people who know nothing about coding or computer languages, you have to dumb it down a bit. Try picking topics that are good for beginners. Moreover, introduced important terms.


In order to make your content readable, you must first make it relatable. The tips stated above will help you do exactly this.

If you would like to step up your content marketing game, you may want to launch an all-out campaign and avail the services of a marketing consultant in the USA.

Proper content management campaign can help you increase conversions which will lead to sales. Moreover, it can help you can increase your website sales by a huge number.


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