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A Very Good CRM Is Extremely Important For SMB

A Very Good CRM Is Extremely Important For SMB

Digital marketing has been a significant things over the last several years in many companies’ strategies.  However, practice makes perfect. There is always room for improvement. A very necessary tool is using a CRM, well, a very customizable and all inclusive CRM Software, like Soffront. Other things that small businesses should concern themselves with are e-mail marketing, social media, and search engine optimization (SEO).


We’re talking about being digital, right? Your company better have a website. Unless you’re catering to a very local and niche market, you need to have a website. Each person else does. Not only that, but your website needs to be an up to date website. Often, clients first investigate a business through its website. A prospective customer can be anywhere. Having a website that is built for desktop and a mobile platform is a must. Keep a few things in mind while building it:

  • Keep your colors consistent, it’s part of your brand.

  • Make sure the website is easy to navigate. Nothing drives people away faster than not being able to find something on your website.

  • Make sure you have key words throughout your website that search engines can find. If your business sells sports memorabilia, then key words would be the names of the teams. Search engines can find these words and then it pops up when customers search for it.

  • Make sure you update your website on a regular basis. Don’t update it for the sake of updates; make sure they are quality updates. 

E-mail is Not Dead

E-mail still plays a large role in marketing. Small businesses should definitely take a lead of it. It’s more cost powerful than direct mail. According to survey, quoted from a study out of the University of British Columbia, 92% of people communicate through e-mail. Many check their e-mail upwards of 15 times a day. Also according to Jay Bear’s research, 44% of customers who received a promotional e-mail bought at the minimum one item from it.

Stay appropriate to your customers. Don’t reach out to them every day, but keep them apprised of your promotions. Reward their loyalty with something every now and then.

Use That CRM!

A very good CRM is extremely important in helping small businesses succeed.  For one thing, it will help you automate the e-mail practices that I just discussed. Here are a few other things that a sales crm software will help you achieve:

  • Log/track all customer information including calls, requests, complaints, etc.

  • Generate your sales process through a workflow.

  • Track your key performance indicators.

  • Reporting.

Social Media

This shouldn’t be shocking, but social media can be huge for you, or it can do absolutely nothing.  However, once you get customers to follow your business on social media things can take a big upswing. Take a gander at these statistics from last year on Marketing Tech Blog:

  • 46% of web users look to social media when making a purchase.

  • 70% of business to consumer marketers gained customers from Facebook.

  • #1 reason consumers follow businesses on social media are for advertising and discounts. 

Track Your Results

Track your results, look at your ROI. Find out what is working and what isn’t working. After you analyze your reports, adjust as you see fit. These tools will help your small business thrive.

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