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8 Tips For Successful Mobile PPC

8 Tips For Successful Mobile PPC

2015 was the year of mobile but this year, you have a different ball game altogether. It’s high time you should think about mobile PPC. We all are aware that the larger portion of Google search results are generated by mobile devices, yet businesses and marketers are not that energetic about mobile PPC. Only 34% companies have well-defined mobile strategy.

It can be an opportunity for you:

  • 34% means still companies are not confident about the power of mobiles, but the stats from Google and present buying trend indicates that they’re missing an opportunity.
  • There are 66% chances that your competitors doesn’t have a mobile strategy and you can capitalize on it and grab that extra share of customers you don’t get otherwise.

You may want to consult SEO specialist Canada for mobile PPC strategy, but before that you should know how to make it more impactful.

Below are tips from experts on best PPC mobile strategy:

How to Write Mobile Ads

  1. According to Andrew Bethel from FibreGlast, Mobile PPC is a great idea, yet people are not comfortable with it. He emphasized on writing mobile preferred ads with “5 Exclamation Marks. That’s enough to gauge the importance.

Users tend to use mobile for every second purpose. They buy online, they look for directions, they find new place, they Google tips to fix something, what’s more?

Then Google also improved the display by displaying mobile ads in extension for more emphasis.

  1. According to Christi Olsen from PointIt, the advertisers should not only write ads for mobiles, but they also need to include calls to action. You also need to ensure the ads are visible to the customers.
  2. According to Terry Whalen from Sum Digital, in mobile ads, it is very important to expose the best feature or the most compelling benefit in the first line of description. It must also have call to action.

Incorporate Mobile-based Keywords

It’s a great way to boost both, traffic and conversion via mobile devices.

  1. According to Mark Kennedy from SEOM Interactive, if the location has brick and mortar, you need to use separate search terms for mobile/instore or driving to get better control on these ads. You can include “near me” and “stores” etc.

These are themes that can attract customers from close locations so, they can find you and come in.

  1. Shashikant Kore from Karooya mentioned about bidding for keywords. According to her mobile offers more ad slots compared to desktop. If your ad does not get one of the top two spots, expect low clicks and shares. So, you need to bid for top place anyhow.
  2. According to Julie Bachhini from Neptune Moon, mobile visitors and non-mobile visitors have different mindsets, and you need to keep that in mind when you prepare any mobile strategy. Your campaigns, ads, CTAs and landing pages should be constructed around different mindset.

Use Phone to Your Advantage

Don’t forget about the smartphone you’re holding in your hand. It’s not just for sending messages or receiving calls from your friends or relatives. You can use it effectively to market your brand.

  1. Erin Sagin from WordStream emphasized on call-only campaigns. You can also directly contact from SERP via call extension feature. In this way, your chance to sell will be three times more than clicks. You can add “call us now” feature in your ads as it has increased conversion up to 45%.
  2. Kirk Williams from ZATO Marketing says, while call-only extensions have been obsolete, you can use call only ads in your strategy. Test the results against text mobile ads.


If you’re willing to spend on mobile PPC, you’ll have more options than the ones listed here. The basic thing is to try the potential of mobile PPC. The results have been quite convincing and it’s not going to stop either.

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