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3 Highly Effective Types Of Marketing Videos For Social Media

3 Highly Effective Types Of Marketing Videos For Social Media

Videos have become the staple form of content on social media and tend to have the best engagement levels bar none. As much as videos generally perform well on social media, some types of videos consistently outperform others – especially for marketing purposes.

When it comes to marketing videos, there are three types in particular that have been proven to be highly effective:

  • Tips and tricks videos

As a twist on ‘how-to’ guides and tutorials, shorter bite-sized tips and tricks videos are better suited for social media. That being said the tips and tricks need to be genuinely helpful and interesting in order for these videos to gain traction, and should capitalize on the visual nature of videos to ‘show’ how things are done.

  • Personal customer testimonials

Testimonials by customers have always been a great form of marketing content, but to be effective as a social media video they need to be personal. Ideally these testimonials will take the form of a story, with a customer narrating their personal experience and how a product or service helped them.

  • Funny outtakes

Humor is a big draw on social media, and for brands funny outtake videos will let them show a more human side of their brand while at the same time acting as a great form of content. The funnier these videos are and the less scripted the better, as spontaneity counts for a lot in humorous videos.

It is worth noting that due to the sheer number of videos vying for attention on social media, quality definitely counts for quite a lot. As such it would be a good idea to use Movavi Video Editor to tweak and improve your videos. It can trim out unwanted parts, merge clips together, add and remove audio from videos, apply special effects, insert captions, and much more.

Now that you’re aware of the types of videos that are effective on social media, you should be able to plan the content that you intend to create. Depending on the brand and the types of products or services that you’re marketing, you should be able to come up with topics that fit into all three of these archetypes. It may help to track the performance of the videos once you publish them, so that you can gradually improve and fine tune your approach after learning what performs best.

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